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Welcome to Ottawa Fencing!

Welcome to our site! www.ottawafencing.ca is home to Ottawa Fencing.

Established in 2005, Ottawa Fencing regroups competitive fencers from both the Excalibur Fencing Club and RA Fencing Club… Ottawa Fencing is proud to be the home to many of Canada's top fencers.

Through the Excalibur Fencing Club (EXO) and our partners, Ottawa Fencing develops competitive fencers and offers programs for children and adults of all levels. Ottawa Fencing also participates in the Canadian Fencing Federation's Armband Program and hosts a number of tournaments throughout the year.

To learn more about our programming, please follow the links below:

Learn to Fence Lesson
Youth Classes
Adult Classes
Club Memberships


If you're interested in giving fencing a try, this is a great option! Our "Learn to Fence" lesson teaches you the fundamentals of fencing. Learn basic fencing footwork, attack and defense techniques and basic fencing strategy in a private or small group setting. Lessons are one hour in length.

Private "Learn to Fence" Lesson
$80 (includes HST)

Semi-Private "Learn to Fence" Lesson
$50 per person (includes HST)

For more information or to book a lesson, please contact Paul ApSimon by phone at 613-852-3832 or by email at paul@ottawafencing.ca.


To register for youth classes, please contact Alexandra Zarama by phone at 613-791-0584 or by email at alexandra@ottawafencing.ca.

A completed Registration Form and Waiver, with payment, should be brought to the first class of the session.

The Registration Form (including Waiver) is available for download here: EXORegistration.pdf

While the club provides specialized fencing equipment for those enrolled in the classes (foil, mask, glove, and jacket), participants are asked to bring a t-shirt, a pair of sweat or track pants (NO SHORTS), and non-marking athletic shoes.

Through the Ottawa Developmental Fencing Circuit (ODFC), beginner fencers also have the opportunity to participate in local beginner competitions. Those interested in learning more about the ODFC should visit odfc.ottawafencing.ca.

2017 - 2018 Season

Session I: September 21 to November 30
Session II: January 11 to March 22
Session III: April 5 to June 14

Initiation to Fencing

This class introduces basic fencing footwork and various attack and defense techniques needed to obtain the Yellow Armband.


All Age Groups: Thursdays - 6:30pm - 7:30pm (TH4)

Cost: $220 + HST per Session (11 weeks)

Intermediate and Advanced Group Lessons

The Excalibur Fencing Club (in partnership with the RA Fencing Club) also offers Intermediate (Yellow and Orange Armband Level) and Advanced (Green Armband Level) Semi-Private Group Lessons. For more information or to register for one of these classes, please contact Paul ApSimon by phone at 613-852-3832 or by email at paul@ottawafencing.ca.


The club offers beginner and intermediate fencing classes for university students and adults through the Sport Services of the University of Ottawa.

Our beginner classes introduce basic fencing footwork, various attack and defense techniques, and help fencers develop the necessary skills needed to obtain their Yellow Armband. No fencing experience is required.

Registration for our adult classes is done through the University of Ottawa. If you require any additional information about our classes, or wish to register for a class, please visit the University of Ottawa Gee Gees Website.


While beginner and intermediate fencers are encouraged to take classes, fencers who have previously completed courses, as well as more experienced fencers wishing to continue their development, can purchase an Excalibur Fencing Club membership.

To register as a member of the club, please complete the Registration Form and Waiver, and bring it, along with your payment, to the club.

The Registration Form (including Waiver) is available for download here: EXORegistration.pdf


Drop-in Fee: Visiting fencers who are not a member of Ottawa Fencing are subject to a per visit drop-in fee of $20. Please talk with Paul ApSimon to arrange payment.

Session Dates (2017 - 2018)

Session I: September to December
Session II: January to March
Session III: April to June

Club Rates (2017 - 2018)

Regular Membership
$325 (HST included) per Session

University of Ottawa Student Membership
$275 (HST included) per Session

Private Lessons
Private Lessons are available in books of five (20 minutes each) for $100. Please contact Paul ApSimon at 613-852-3832 to purchase Lesson Books.

If you have any general questions about the club, please contact Alexandra Zarama by phone at 613-791-0584 or by email at alexandra@ottawafencing.ca, or simply drop by the club.


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